B4bookings new website!!

La nueva web B4 ha sido diseñada para ser un espacio para proyectar integralmente la más reciente información de los artistas de nuestro roster.
100% responsiva, desarrollada en HTML5, con secciones interactivas de noticias, agenda, perfiles de artistas, galería de fotografías, vídeos y música; [..]

DJ Feedback - Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio)

Promokore is the tool you need. We have everything necessary for promoting all in one page. Very functional with the possibility to add info, links with social networks, upload sets or podcasts, add or adjust events/dates, promote releases and stay in contact with your fan base- Promokore is the best machine for djs, producers, promoters, night clubs & labels.

DJ Feedback - Andrew Grant (Circoloco, EDEC)

Promokore flips my lid... running several labels while touring gives me little time to manage my web. With Promokore I can control everything from label, marketing, podcast, releases, gigs and so much more. If you are serious about your carrer then Promokore is an absolute must for any label/ dj/ bands/ producer/ clubs.

DJ Feedback - Affkt (Sincopat)

Easy maner. I can adjust my gigs, Beatport releases and newsletter with just a click. Fast, simple, comfortable